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About Us

Kyle Michel Law Firm assists clients in the South Carolina legislature and in the halls of state government in Columbia, SC. We know a broad range of policy. But, more important, we know the people, the processes and the politics that shape how decisions are made in South Carolina government.

We are at the legislature each day of session from January through May, reviewing every bill introduced, attending committee meetings, monitoring floor debate and talking with legislators in the lobby. Our clients turn to us because they need a trusted partner to counsel them on strategy and advocate for them before state officials. Some need an ongoing presence at the Statehouse year after year; others retain us to work on specific matters on a shorter term basis.

We also represent clients on federal government matters, drawing from Kyle Michel’s more than 20 years lobbying in Washington, DC. We represent local governments at the Statehouse and in Washington, DC. But, we also lobby other local governments on behalf of clients.

We provide general legal counsel to businesses and individuals, primarily in the area of contracts drafting, review and negotiation.

Government & Business Counsel

Kyle Michel Law Firm is known for being smart, proactive, thorough, and engaged. Our clients hire us to achieve a desired result. Our passion is delivering for our clients.
Kyle G. Michel is a Columbia, SC lawyer-lobbyist specializing in government policy and related law. His background is primarily in lobbying and providing guidance to clients interacting with state and federal government, which he has done since 1994. Mr. Michel also represents clients before local government...